Best Cameras

All about the Best Cameras

Great photography starts with the camera, and so purchasing the right one is very important. There are many on the market, with prices ranging from the affordable to the high-end, so which do you need? This depends on how you plan to use your camera, and especially where. If you’re a wedding photographer, for example, your requirements will differ greatly from a concert photographer. Lighting and environment play a huge part, as well as your budget. We’re here to help you simplify the process of buying a camera.

On this page, we highlight the best cameras on the market right now, and how much you can expect to pay for them. Keep reading for more information.

Best Cameras for Beginners

A beginner-level camera does not require the same level of functionality or quality as a professional one, and so tend to be much cheaper. Anything above 20 megapixels would suffice, and the shooting speed should be at least 8fps. The video recording should be 4K as standard.

Despite being more affordable than professional equipment, beginner cameras are still seriously powerful. You will be able to take fantastic shots and perfect your craft before investing in something higher-end. The price range for this type of camera is anywhere between Є300 and Є500.

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What is the best camera like?

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Best Cameras for Professionals

Professional cameras include many advanced features for great photography. With in-built stabilisers, autofocus and rapid shooting speeds, there’s not a lot they can’t do. These cameras are designed to be paired with lighting accessories and filters for truly beautiful pictures. As you may expect, this quality comes at a much higher price.

This level of camera are perfect for the full-time professional photographer. However, they can set you back anywhere from €1,000 up to €5,000, depending on what you need. This price excludes any additional accessories like lenses and filters, and so building a kit can become very expensive.

Knowing Where to Buy

The most important part of your camera purchase is knowing exactly where to look for it. There are plenty of deals to be had, so we strongly recommend shopping around before you commit. The specification of a camera is what drives the cost, so ensure that what you get matches the price tag. Doing so will avoid overspending and being disappointed.

Fujifilm Ireland are a team of photography enthusiasts with years of experience. We know what goes into the best cameras, and how to find the best spec for competitive prices. Use this guide before making your next camera purchases, as it will help you to save money and have a better idea of what you are looking for.