Buyers’ Guide To The Best Fuji Instax Accessory Kit

Fuji Instax Accessory Kit

The Instax is arguably the most popular camera-related product released by FujiFilm Corporation. Compact sized to fit in your pocket, wallet or purse, this camera follows you everywhere. However, there are a few accessories that could help make capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments on the go. Although FujiFilm Ireland has a comprehensive listing of Instax accessories, there are also a wide variety of accessories on Amazon that might tickle your fancy.

Building The Best FujiFilm Instax Accessory Kit

So you probably have your FujiFilm Instax square, mini or probably even wide. Now you need to know the best tools to carry along for the best photographing experience. 1. Carry Case. First on the list are cases. You need a durable protective case that can support your camera and a few add-ons. The recommended case should have a strap to aid carrying. 2. Pouch. If carry cases are not your thing, then get a pouch. Although pouches are cheaper, lighter, and simpler looking, they will not carry most of your accessories.

3. Photo Album. It is necessary to have a place to store all the photographs you are taking, and a photo album will do the trick. There are various Instax photo album options on FujiFilm Ireland and Amazon. 4. Photo Frame. It would help if you had a nice little frame to showcase your photos. Easy Stick Magnetic photo frames simplify the process of mounting your favourite photos. Stick them wherever you wish.

Instax smartphone accessories

Beyond your Instax camera accessories, every Fuji Instax accessory kit is incomplete without a printer. The Fuji Instax printer helps print images from your smartphone or social media accounts. It is also compatible with a decent number of FujiFilm digital cameras. The advantage of this smartphone accessory is that you can have access to your print photos whether you are with your Instax camera or not.