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All about Camera accessories

Having a great camera is just the beginning of your photography journey. There are also some must-have accessories that will help to really enhance your pictures. Whether you’re a professional photographer, or taking up a new hobby, knowing which accessories to buy can be confusing. What’s the difference between lenses, or which brand should you go for? These are just two of the questions you may ask yourself. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be complicated. Using a site like ours can point you in the direction of the very best products.

At, we are here to make the process of buying camera accessories quick, easy, and most importantly, affordable. On this page, you will find the type of products you need to complete any photography kit.

Monopods and Tripods

Both monopods and tripods are used to support a camera, helping for much clearer shots. The key difference between the two is the number of legs. A monopod has one leg, whereas a tripod has three. There is a time and a place for both, but the trusty tripod is our number one choice.

Tripods are particularly helpful if you are going to be recording video, as there is nothing worse than shaky footage. They come in many shapes and sizes, perfect for a wide range of shots and scenarios. If you only buy one camera accessory, it should be this.

Camera with tripod over sun rising near the beach

What are the most important accessories?

Camera lenses

Lens Filter

Filters aren’t just for Instagram. If you are going to be using your camera in various locations with different levels of light, you will need a good lens filter. This is particularly true for outdoors and landscape photography, where polarisation is an absolute must.

A lens can have many different functions, including to add exposure and reduce warmth. They help to create the perfect picture without having to do too much editing afterwards. Not only does this save you a lot of time and effort, but helps to keep your photography natural.

Extra Storage

An external SD card might just be the most important purchase you will make for your camera. Internal stage is limited, so you are guaranteed to need more. This means you can take more pictures and film for longer before having to delete anything. The bigger the SD card, the better, as HD photo and video can take up a lot of room. If you plan on producing 4k files, we recommend purchasing 256gb or bigger.

There are hundreds of different camera accessories out there, but you won’t need everything. To get started, you actually only need a handful of them. At Fujifilm Ireland we recommend beginning with an SD card for additional storage, a tripod for stabilisation and a filter for clearer pictures. Once you have this, you are ready to start snapping.